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Boson 0.13 (released on 1st October 2006) is currently latest version available.

 All-in-one package

This is a big package that contains source code, data files and music. You do not need to download any package below if you download this one. You can get it from here (36 177 KB) or via's web interface from here.

 Source code

You can download a tarball (.tar.bz2) with the code from here (1795 KB) or via's web interface from here. Note that you also need to download the data package to play Boson.

 Data package

This tarball contains the data files needed for playing Boson. You can download it from here (18 080 KB) or via's web interface from here.


You don't need the music package to play Boson, but it's recommended. :-) You can download the tarball from here (16 320 KB) or via's web interface from here.

 Older versions

Currently, you can download old releases only via's web interface.
Available versions are:
Boson 0.12 (released on 27th May 2006),
Boson 0.11 (released on 3rd September 2005),
Boson 0.10 (released on 2nd May 2004),
Boson 0.9.1 (released on 16th November 2003),
Boson 0.9 (released on 3rd November 2003),
Boson 0.8 (released on 31st March 2003),
Boson 0.7 (released on 10th November 2002),
Boson 0.6.1 (released on 9th July 2002),
Boson 0.6 (released on 10th June 2002) and
Boson 0.5 (released on 30th October 2000).

 SVN - Bleeding edge development version

You can get both code and data from SVN using the following commands:

$ svn co code
$ svn co data
You need CMake for compilation. In both code/ and data/ directory, use these commands:
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make
$ su
# make install
When configuring fails, check whether you have all the software dependencies installed.
To stay up to date, you can update both code and data directories later on by executing
$ svn up