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 0.13 released  October 1st 2006 19:00
Boson 0.13 is now available.
In addition to many internal changes and improvements, this release includes a new fog of war system supporting "sight fog" in addition to "exploration fog" that we had earlier. Another noticeable feature is that distant units are now rendered as icons making them easier to recognize as well as increasing performance.
A few new screenshots illustrating those features can be found on our screenshots page.
Longer changelog for the new release can be found here.
You can download 0.13 here.

 0.12 is out!  May 27th 2006 00:00
We are happy to announce that Boson 0.12 is now available.
Highlights of this release include support for shadows, completely new radar system and addition of power and ammunition resources. Longer list of changes can be found here.
Some new screenshots are also available.
You can grab 0.12 from the downloads page.

 New species  February 8th 2006 15:33
Thanks to Lital Natan, we now have a new species. Few early screenshots have been added to the screenshots page.
Also, many changes to the code have been made, highlights include support for shadows, new radar system, turrets turning towards their targets, facilities consume power, and visual feedback for your orders.

 0.11 finally released!  September 2nd 2005 22:15
It took a bit too long, but after 1.5 years of hard work, 0.11 is finally out!
This time, in addition to the usual packages, we have an installer with a precompiled binary which doesn't depend on Qt/KDE. This should be good news for those who don't have KDE installed. You can find the installer as well as all the other packages on the download page.
You can read the official announcement here as well as the changelog.
Highlights of this release include a LibUFO port for user interface, graphical improvements such as realistic water, new effects and fully operational multiplayer support.
Some new screenshots are also available.
The release got delayed so much because the authors have been busy lately and thus didn't have enough time to work on Boson. We are still short of manpower so please take a look at our jobs list and help if you can!

 Status update  May 5th 2005 12:19
Over a year is left since the last Boson release and you probably heard about the LibUFO port.
The work which was done the last months was mainly under the hood and is comming up now. So far the new LibUFO OpenGL GUI is still in a development phase but most parts of Boson are ported and some things are even working ;)
Another feature we guess you will enjoy, is the use of shaders to render water. Please note that shaders are only supported on modern graphics cards (GeForce FX+ or Radeon 9500+)
We've uploaded some new screenshots showing parts of the LibUFO port and of course, water rendering using shaders.
Enjoy !

 Happy holidays!  December 23rd 2004 21:30
Once again, we wish you all happy holidays!
Sorry about the total lack of updates in the last half a year, but we're not dead, we've been working hard and are moving towards Boson 0.11. We have had some news in our mailing list though, so if you're interested, you could subscribe there. At this time, we haven't settled a release date for 0.11 yet, but it will probably not come out in next months.
We have made many improvements in Boson and added many features, including new LibUFO-based GUI (which is still in very early development phase).
We've made a whole page of new screenshots showing some of the most important new features.
If you're interested, you can take a look at a longer list of improvements since 0.10.

 0.10 released  May 2nd 2004 17:25
After a long and very hard work, we bring to you Boson 0.10.
Read the announcement here and then download it. There are also some new screenshots and the changelog for those who are interested.

 Merry christmas and a happy new year!  December 24th 2003 12:18
The Boson Team wishes you a merry christmas and a happy new year.
0.9.1 binary packages are now available for Gentoo, Debian and Redhat, you can get them from the download page.
CVS contains some new features, most interesting of which is probably support for neutral units. Neutral units will include stuff such as civilian building and nature (e.g trees).
We also have two new screenshots showing some neutral units such as trees.

 Boson 0.9.1 released  November 16th 2003 18:46
Boson 0.9.1 is now released.
It fixes some problems discovered in 0.9, including broken network and crash with NVidia drivers when no usable font was found. We encourage all 0.9 users to upgrade!
Read the announcement here and then download it!
Note that data and music packages were not changed, so if you already have 0.9, you only need to download code package (and data, if you want to have "0.9.1" instead of "0.9" on startup page ;-))

 0.9 screenshots and poll  November 5th 2003 16:54
Some screenshots of 0.9 are now available.
We also have new poll about 0.9: what new feature do you like most.
Last poll showed that our users want more frequent releases, we'll try to do so in the future.

 Boson 0.9 finally released!  November 3rd 2003 00:13
It took way too long, but now it's finally there!
Read the announcement here, complete changelog here or jump right to the download page.

 Fresh screenshots  October 17th 2003 14:18
Some new screenshots have been made, showing mostly lighting. They're really beautiful ;-)
Dot finally mentioned yesterday that we have movies available. It took a month, but it looks like it was worth it as yesterday we had about 10 times more visitors than on an average day.
About release date for 0.9, we still cannot say anything certain yet, but it looks like it may come at the end of November in December.

 New poll, new features  October 15th 2003 14:40
We have a new poll finally: How often should Boson be released?
The previous poll was up more than 6 weeks (for too long, I know) and had more than 120 votes. Quite expectedly, people want AI most, more than half of the voters chose AI. Second place went to better graphics.

About AI, unfortunately we won't have any intelligent AI in 0.9 (it will still have same dummy AI that 0.8 had), but there is already scripting support and once it has evolved far enough, we'll start developing AI.
We'll use Python as scripting language, so in case you have any experience with either this or AI and if you're willing to help us, write to our mailing list.
About graphics, if you're an artist, please contact us! We need your help! Programmers and testers are welcome too!

On other news, CVS has some new new features again.
Probably most noticeable is improved support for lighting, e.g. terrain is now lit correctly. Models have support for smooth surfaces. Startup code (for starting new games and loading saved ones) was rewritten. And we have experimental LOD (level of detail) support now. It means that models farther from the camera will be drawn with less detail, resulting in speedups.

 The Boson movies  September 15th 2003 13:40
A while ago we promised a surprise - here it comes:
We present you the Boson movies!
There are two short movies, showing how Boson can look like.
The first movie shows an aircraft bombarding the enemy's base and the second one shows a big attack of a player against the enemy.
They were made using scripts (yes, scripting engine has already evolved that far) and CVS boson code.
You can download the movies and find more information about them on the movies page.

 Poll, patents and more  September 2nd 2003 14:16
First, we have a poll now, so you can vote about some stuff :-)
The first poll is about what in your opinion is most important for Boson right now. Vote and we may take poll's results into account while developing.
On other news, some of you have probably noticed the protest page against software patents in Europe. As a part of bigger campaign we replaced the main page with it from 27th August until 1st September. It seems the vote itself has been delayed until the end of September, so there's still some time for you to take action. If software patents will be legalized in europe, we (as well as many other open-source projects) may not be able to continue our work, because many ideas we use (e.g. progress bars) are patented.
About CVS, there is, as always, lots of new stuff there. Most noticeable are redesigned startup widgets, new wreckage handling (they now slowly sink into ground instead of disappearing at once) and many fixed bugs. Updated changelog is available at status page.
And we have a surprise for you coming soon, so check back in a week or so ;-)

 News from CVS  August 4th 2003 18:05
I know, we've had total lack of updates, sorry about that. More than four months have passed without a single article.
But Boson is still being actively developed and there are number of new and exciting features in current CVS version.
Here are few of them:
  • Units accelerate/decelerate realistically
  • New terrain rendering code. Terrain is now drawn using several layers which are blended together. This creates nice effect for transitions and looks really nice
  • Few updated unit models
  • New unit: Koyote (a nice helicopter with a cannon)
  • New unit: Warthog (A-10 plane with heavy anti-tank missiles)
  • New unit: Wolf (a truck which may carry other units in the future)
  • You can now add multiple units and draw multiple tiles in editor using click+drag
  • Ground textures are drawn over multiple cells, making tiling effect less visible
  • Basic scripting support using Python. Old (dumb) AI has already been converted to a script
More detailed list of changes can be found on the status page.
The homepage has some new stuff, too. There's new counter and statistics page in case you're interested.
And last, but not least, there are couple of new screenshots available!

 Boson 0.8 released!  March 31st 2003 20:36
After a long time we have finally completed boson 0.8. Read the announcement here and then download it from the download page.
New screenshots coming soon...

 Status update after long time  March 7th 2003 17:07
It's been quite long since the last update.
Good new is that we're moving towards 0.8 which will probably be released in late March. Of course there are many changes in the current CVS version. To name a few bigger:
  • Better support for upgrades, including weapon upgrades
  • Support for heightmaps. Map is not flat anymore!
  • Better selection code
  • New XML-based saving format. Saving/loading is still experimental, but should work
  • Tooltips for units

Also, our screenshots page is updated. No new screens yet, but the page itself is improved. Individual screenshots are now also shown inside HTML-page, you can see the comment and date. And screenshots are on multiple pages, 10 screens each.

 New year's update  January 4th 2003 10:19
Here comes another status update.
Our last release, 0.7, has been downloaded about 3000 times now. When it was released, our homepage received as many hits during the following week as it had since September when the new homepage was opened :-)
Now about CVS. There are already many improvements in our CVS code and we're moving forward to 0.8. Biggest changes are:
  • Map information is preloaded on startup (no slowdown when changing map)
  • Particles drawing has been improved
  • Big optimizations
  • Smaller map format
  • Of course, usual bugfixes

For more, take a look at the done section of our status page. There are many additions!
Also, two new screenshots, taken from the CVS version, are available.
And last, but not least, code of this homepage is now licenced under GPL which means that you can use it to create your own pages, provided that you also give note about the original author (The Boson Team) and a link to this page. And we'd be happy if you'd also mail us, so we know if somebody is using it ;-)

 Boson 0.7 RPMs for Mandrake available  January 3rd 2003 04:30
Steve provided us with RPM packages for Mandrake 9.0 (on i386). You can download them at SourceForge. Thanks a lot Steve!
These packages already contain the smaller-textures fix announced two months ago.

 Handbook available online  December 16th 2002 20:40
The Boson handbook is now available online. You can have a look at it here. This is the cvs version. It will be rebuild every night.

 IMPORTANT: Problem found in 0.7, fix available  November 15th 2002 12:45
Many users who downloaded 0.7 reported problems when using 24bpp depth or when playing in fullscreen mode. We have found out that the reason for this were too big textures which didn't fit into the memory of the videocard and caused big slowdowns. A Package containing the fix (scaled-down textures) is available from the download page.
We're sorry for any inconvenience.

 Boson 0.7 RPMs available  November 12th 2002 21:10
Krzysztof Kosz once again provided us with RPM packages. You can find them on our download page!

 Boson 0.7 released!  November 10th 2002 16:25
The Boson Team is happy to announce that release 0.7 of Boson is now available. Read the announcement here and then download it from the download page. Also, check out new screenies on the screenshots page.

 Dynamic news  October 27th 2002 20:40
We have now dynamic news!
This means that the main page now has a fixed number (currently 5) of articles and older articles are in the "Older News" sidebar box. There is also a page that contains all news articles. Many thanks to Brad for this feature!
About Boson, version 0.7 will most probaly be released in November, so we encourage everybody to get a CVS copy of Boson and test it. If you find any bugs, please report them so we can fix them before release.
Biggest changes since the last update include a updated unit editor which now supports editing of all current unit properties including weapons.
A new starting widget for the map editor where you can choose existing maps to edit or create new a one (and select it's size).
And, as always, many bugs have been fixed and many smaller things have been changed.