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Boson is an OpenGL real-time strategy game. It is designed to run on Unix (Linux) computers, and is built on top of the KDE, Qt and kdegames libraries.


 0.13 released  October 1st 2006 19:00
Boson 0.13 is now available.
In addition to many internal changes and improvements, this release includes a new fog of war system supporting "sight fog" in addition to "exploration fog" that we had earlier. Another noticeable feature is that distant units are now rendered as icons making them easier to recognize as well as increasing performance.
A few new screenshots illustrating those features can be found on our screenshots page.
Longer changelog for the new release can be found here.
You can download 0.13 here.

 0.12 is out!  May 27th 2006 00:00
We are happy to announce that Boson 0.12 is now available.
Highlights of this release include support for shadows, completely new radar system and addition of power and ammunition resources. Longer list of changes can be found here.
Some new screenshots are also available.
You can grab 0.12 from the downloads page.

 New species  February 8th 2006 15:33
Thanks to Lital Natan, we now have a new species. Few early screenshots have been added to the screenshots page.
Also, many changes to the code have been made, highlights include support for shadows, new radar system, turrets turning towards their targets, facilities consume power, and visual feedback for your orders.

 0.11 finally released!  September 2nd 2005 22:15
It took a bit too long, but after 1.5 years of hard work, 0.11 is finally out!
This time, in addition to the usual packages, we have an installer with a precompiled binary which doesn't depend on Qt/KDE. This should be good news for those who don't have KDE installed. You can find the installer as well as all the other packages on the download page.
You can read the official announcement here as well as the changelog.
Highlights of this release include a LibUFO port for user interface, graphical improvements such as realistic water, new effects and fully operational multiplayer support.
Some new screenshots are also available.
The release got delayed so much because the authors have been busy lately and thus didn't have enough time to work on Boson. We are still short of manpower so please take a look at our jobs list and help if you can!

 Status update  May 5th 2005 12:19
Over a year is left since the last Boson release and you probably heard about the LibUFO port.
The work which was done the last months was mainly under the hood and is comming up now. So far the new LibUFO OpenGL GUI is still in a development phase but most parts of Boson are ported and some things are even working ;)
Another feature we guess you will enjoy, is the use of shaders to render water. Please note that shaders are only supported on modern graphics cards (GeForce FX+ or Radeon 9500+)
We've uploaded some new screenshots showing parts of the LibUFO port and of course, water rendering using shaders.
Enjoy !