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Boson's code, graphics and sounds are published under the GNU General Public License (GPL).


These requirements apply to the latest stable release (0.13)

Minimum hardware requirements:
Note: If you have an older graphics card like a TNT2 you will need a fast CPU.
* 1 GHz x86 Processor (don't know anything about other machines). AMD 64 is also known to work
* 256 MB RAM (512 MB is recommended)
* 3D accelerator card (modern card with DirectX 9 support is recommended)
* Optional: Sound card

Minimum software requirements:
* XFree 4.x or server (with OpenGL support) - see
* OpenGL 1.2 - The OpenGL library (should be included in your XFree Server or graphics card driver)
* Qt 3.1 or better - see
* kdelibs 3.1 or better (3.0 is untested) - see
* Python 2.0 or better (2.3 is recommended) - see
* libvorbis (for sound and music) - see
* OpenAL (audio library) - see

 Compiler requirements

To compile Boson (you don't need a compiler if you're downloading a binary version), you need Gcc version 3.3 or better. Note that Gcc 4.2 is not supported!