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  Boson 0.9 changelog

This is a list of bigger changes between Boson 0.8 and Boson 0.9.


  • Units can be rendered as wireframes
  • Rotation speed of units can be configured
  • Bounding boxes of items can be rendered
  • Shots split to subclasses
  • Pathfinder is much faster now
  • Separate process is used for audio
  • OpenGL setting profiles (default/fastest/best quality)
  • Redesigned start widgets
  • Campaign support for the map selector
  • Game and network logs can be saved


  • New terrain rendering code. Terrain is now drawn using several layers which are blended together. This creates nice effect for transitions and looks really nice
  • Added support for lights and halos using particles
  • Added support for explosion fragments when unit is destroyed
  • Materials are supported for models
  • Models have normals now, meaning that everything should be lit correctly
  • Better support for wind for particle systems
  • New kind of smoke for wreckages
  • Improved particle systems
  • Weapon flashes when shooting
  • Support for smooth surfaces
  • Terrain normals (i.e. terrain is lit correctly)
  • Experimental LOD support
  • Much improved lighting support. Lighting is now enabled by default


  • Acceleration/deceleration support for units
  • Support for mines
  • Support for bombs (basically a falling mine)
  • New actions patch
  • Basic scripting support
  • Movies can be grabbed from running game (but it's extremely slow)
  • Better wreckage handling (aircraft wreckages no more hang in the air and other ones slowly disappear into the ground)


  • Fixed Puma model
  • New Leopard model
  • New unit: Koyote (a nice helicopter with a cannon)
  • New unit: Warthog (A-10 plane with heavy anti-tank missiles)
  • New unit: Wolf (a truck which may carry other units in the future)


  • You can now add multiple units and draw multiple tiles in editor using click+drag
  • Height maps can be exported
  • Texture maps can be exported/imported in editor