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  Boson 0.11 changelog

This is a list of bigger changes between Boson 0.10 and Boson 0.11.


    • Port to libufo
    • Added a network sync protocol, now it is possible to check if the clients are in sync. Additionally most sync errors can now be fixed.
    • Improvements to effects system (load/save, species independent, delaying)
    • Improvements to weapons
    • Very simple and experimental dedicated server


    • Basic support for animated water (lakes and oceans are possible), not included in editor yet
    • Simple terrain LOD (level of detail) system
    • Light effect (dynamic lights)
    • Daylight effect, realistically simulating Sun's movement
    • Wind effect
    • Bullet trail effect
    • Environmental effects (can be used to create snow, rain, etc)
    • Improved and much better-looking fog-of-war rendering for terrain
    • Support for anisotropic filtering for textures (better quality)
    • Support for water rendering using shaders


    • Support for winning conditions
    • Forbid placing refineries too close to resource mines
    • Skip rendering some frames when the game becomes overloaded. This reserves more CPU power for the actual game tasks and keeps it playable
    • Descriptions for produceable facilities are now displayed in the game
    • Flying units have their own moving quirks
    • New Pathfinder
    • Bomb-dropping is more realistic
    • Description widget, showing info about highlighted unit type when a factory is selected

    Scripts / AI

    • Events support for scripts
    • Loading/saving for scripts
    • Many new script functions


    • Basic widget to edit conditions
    • Improvements to unit placing
    • Support for undo/redo of unit placement/deletion


    • Added textured fonts from plib (not functional right now, due to the libufo port)
    • Many new neutral models (trees, houses, etc)
    • Few new maps (Cross)
    • Scripts are now in data module
    • Some new effects
    • Sight and weapon ranges of units are much bigger now
    • Some new cursor themes


    • New texture class and texture manager
    • Canvas coordinates are now same as cell coordinates (except that they're floats, not ints)
    • Use new bofixed (fixed-precision number) data type in logic code to prevent errors caused by rounding of floats
    • Unit speeds are now saved as cells/second in confg files. This makes editing the files much easier
    • Weapon types are now saved as strings instead of ints in config files, making them more readable
    • New profiling architecture
    • Adding a cache file format for model files (decreases startup times)
    • Adding an internal math library
    • Load dynamically on startup using dlopen()
    • Compress map data before sending it over network
    • Game Event subsystem
    • Making game starting more modular
    • bosonwidget.cpp has been removed. It has seen 218 HEAD revisions and some more from branches. bosonwidget.cpp, 2001/11/09 - 2004/12/10, may it rest in peace.
    • Complete game logic and game view separation
    • New upgrade architecture