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  Boson 0.10 changelog

This is a list of bigger changes between Boson 0.9 and Boson 0.10.


  • Resolution changing using Xrandr is supported (XFree 4.3 required)
  • Dependency changes:
    • Added: OpenAL
    • Removed: arts, kdemultimedia, kdegames


  • Sound is played using OpenAL now (if you use arts you need a patched OpenAL, or use "artsshell suspend ; ./boson")
  • Dependency on arts and kdemultimedia removed
  • Sound is enabled by default again


  • Use vertex arrays and vertex buffer objects by default if possible, increases speed by a few FPS
  • First steps for transparent textures (transparent surfaces support), this not completed
  • New effects system which replaces particle systems. At the moment this is an internal change only
  • Units are correctly rotated, depending on the slope of the terrain that they're on
  • Performance improvements


  • OpenGL minimap
  • Support for harvesting
  • New pathfinding code
  • Special pathfinding code for flying units
  • The game starts only once all clients have loaded their game data
  • Neutral player and species has been added. You cannot play this, it is meant for civilian units or things like trees and so on
  • Oil tower is a neutral unit now
  • Day/night support, the default AI script now triggers day/night changes
  • Flying units can't fly on unpassable cells (slope > 45 degrees)
  • Take unit's size into account when calculating unit's distance from explosions

Scripts / AI

  • AI now produces units and supports mining, thanks to Carlo (aka alea)
  • New ai script functions
  • Free mode and no-limits mode for camera (to get used by scripts)


  • Added height icon
  • Bugfixes


  • Some neutral objects added (mineralmine, trees, stone, house...)
  • New explosions
  • Two textured fonts added
  • Scaled down some textures
  • General map changes
  • New map: We are under attack
  • Documentation updates


  • Very basic support for ac3d models
  • Support for textured fonts. They are faster, more powerful and stable. Thanks a lot to plib where this code has been shamelessy stolen
  • Texture compression is used, if available which can reduce texture size an therefore improve speed
  • The path a unit is using is displayed when it is selected
  • The menu is properly removed when a game is ended, fixing menu duplication (see 66715)
  • Boson now provides it's own copy of kgame
  • Emergency save added, it saves all game data. A developer can now look at a replay of this session
  • Gcc 3.4 fixes