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  Boson 0.9 announcement

Release of Boson 0.9, a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game for the K Desktop Environment.

The last release of Boson (0.8) was more than half a year ago, so we cannot list all of the changes here. However we will try to present the most interesting ones.

Two movies of Boson running got released - see These movies were made with the new movie grabbing feature. It is very (!) slow, but in conjunction with the powerful new scripting features, you can make really nice movies now.
These scripting features are the very first step on the long road towards AI.

Lighting support got added and can make the scene look a lot nicer. Lighting is somewhat experimental for the models, but terrain lighting looks very nice already.

The terrain rendering code has been completely rewritten. As a result we have very nice transitions now, and the texture data size got reduced by many MegaBytes.

Here is a (very) short list of the major (!) changes since Boson 0.8:
- Basic scripting features
- Movie grabbing possible (but _extremely_ slow)
- New terrain rendering code
- Lighting support for units and especially terrain
- Experimental level of detail
- New file format for savegames and playfields. We use a unified file format here, which removes a _lot_ of duplicated code (read: less bugs)
- Sound should be usable again. As it is mostly untested it is disbled by default. You can use --sound on command line to enable it.
- Faster pathfinding
- A few new units/models
You can see a longer, more complete list of changes at

You can find a list of hardware and software requirements at
Note that proper 3d acceleration is required.

Downloading and installing Boson
Source packages can be found at

Installation instructions are at

The Boson Team