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  Boson 0.9.1 announcement

Release of Boson 0.9.1, a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game for the K Desktop Environment.

This is a bugfix release, fixing a couple of important problems in boson 0.9

Both the data and the music packages are unchanged, so if you already downloaded and installed them (or maybe the -all package) you need the code package only this time.

Nearly complete changelog (since Boson 0.9):
- Network with kdegames from KDE < 3.2 is fixed
- Minor file format fix, that causes less trouble with network
- Ground texture pixmaps are loaded correctly in the editor
- Factory productions are saved correctly
- Try to find a usable GL font, even if Qt doesn't find any
- Don't crash when using proprietary NVidia drivers and no usable font was found (reported to NVidia nearly a year ago)

You can find a list of hardware and software requirements at
Note that proper 3d acceleration is required.

Downloading and installing Boson
Source packages can be found at
Installation instructions are at

The Boson Team